Ástríkur Natansson

camper van in iceland

5 Reasons To Rent an Iceland Camper Van For Your Adventures

A growing number of visitors to Iceland are bypassing traditional hotels and highly orchestrated tours for a less structured experience: exploring the country by camper van. Is camper van tourism right for you? In this article, we’ll take a look at the unique benefits this mode of travel has to offer, as well as some … Read more

iceland breweries

Drink Up! The 9 Best Breweries We Have Found in Iceland

Whether you’re a casual beer drinker or an ale aficionado, a tour of breweries is an interesting—and intoxicating—way to experience the culture of a country like Iceland. Despite the fact that beer was prohibited in Iceland from 1915 until 1989, the Nordic nation now hosts a thriving beer industry made up of several major Iceland … Read more