Kvosin Downtown Hotel

Tucked away between the business district and the prime shopping areas, Kvosin Downtown Hotel is situated right in the middle of everywhere you will want to be during your stay in Reykjavik. Directly across from the Domkirkjan cathedral and adjacent to several parks including the Parliament house garden Alþingisgarðurinn, the hotel is still only a short and enjoyable walk to the popular shopping region and the lively nightlife scene. Enjoy the proximity to the Althingi Parliament house and the Reykjavik City Hall as well as the picturesque lake Tjornin, all within a stone’s throw of your room.

Kvosin Downtown Hotel inhabits the historic Kirkjuvoll building, built in the year 1900. The preservation of the original building construction and style is immaculate and impresses the visitor with how detailed and crisp this old building is in appearance. From the outside, one might be mistaken in thinking this impressive building is a museum dedicated to recreating the turn of the previous century’s look of downtown Reykjavik.

Inside this fantastic hotel the attention to detail continues, but in a more modern sense. The loving reverence for the exterior’s aged facade extends to the lobby, the guest rooms and even to the bar, but you won’t be subjected to ancient facilities. The hotel was completely renovated in 2013 and you will be treated to modern amenities and luxury while maintaining the adoration of the historical past. Smooth and subdued color schemes accented by the warmth of the wood parquet floors will make you feel comfortable and at home long before you even get to your rooms.

Boasting the largest hotel rooms in Reykjavik, the Kvosin Downtown Hotel may be the option for travelers that are not accustomed to the smaller European rooms. Kvosin’s “Small Room” measures 187 sqft which is larger than some deluxe rooms in other locations. All rooms come with wifi, smart televisions, Nespresso machines, and refrigerators. The larger rooms, “Junior”, “Social” and “Executive” are all suites that have their own kitchenette and depending on room availability, private balconies. The “Valkyrie” Suite has a separate bedroom with bunks, and two large private decks on the roof of the building offering a view of Reykjavik and the Icelandic horizon that will never be forgotten.

Downstairs at the Klaustur Bar, they embrace their namesake with the reverence of the study of spirits and alcohol. A wide variety of whiskeys, gins and beers from around the world are available for the tasting and enjoyment within their highly stylized and impressive walls. Spend some time getting to know their extensive wine bar or partake in one of their specialty Gin and Tonics infused with local Icelandic flavors.

Previous guests can not stop raving about the wonderful service they were provided while staying at Kvosin Downtown Hotel. The reviews are all glowing reports about how Kvosin staff catered to the guest’s every need and made the stay an unforgettable and enjoyable one. I had a difficult time finding a common and reasonable complaint about this hotel. The noise level was mentioned several times. Even though the hotel has been renovated, the historical building’s original design can be slightly transparent to noise from other rooms and even from outside foot traffic.