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All of us want to visit a place for our holidays which would feel like heaven on earth with its natural beauty and stunning sceneries, and Iceland is one of those countries which is adored by many tourists. Traveling around a country’s natural beauty and sceneries are the core purpose of a holiday trip, and this excursion leaves you with a fresh mind and body to go back to your busy work routine.

The camper vans rental services are always active in Iceland and provide their best services to the tourist; however, choosing the best and suitable for you in terms of budget is a challenging task. Still, the KuKu campers have made this hunt easy. The Camper vans allow you to stay close to nature, cherish every moment of the beautiful sights, be at sunrise or sunset, rainy or sunny day, and cloudy or clear sky. 

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About Kuku Campers Iceland

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KuKu Campers Iceland have been working in this business since 2012 and have worked their way up to make their name and a distinguished place amongst the leading companies. They are amongst the largest camper vans rental in Iceland with affordable and within budget rates so that you do not have to waste your hard-earned money on unnecessarily expensive camper vans.

KuKu Campers offer all vehicles for you, your friends, and your family, from standard Camper Vans for two to up to luxurious and spacious Kuku Mama. They also have 4×4 models in their fleet for the campers who want to reach highland destinations via F-roads in Iceland. KuKu Campers Iceland have a team of specialists and experts who know how to build a good and worthy Camping vehicle at a reasonable price.

KuKu campers Iceland are reliable and trustworthy Camper Vans rental service providers. Unlike their competitors in camping, businesses provide insurance, roadside assistance, and many other high-end services to make your camping trip full of adventure and fun. With their out of the world customer services and helpful attitude towards all the customer’s queries, KuKu campers have gained campers’ trust around the world.

Service Offerings by KuKu Campers Iceland

kuku campers icelandKuKu Campers Iceland offer superior and finest services to the campers of Iceland as well as foreigners

  • They own a wide range of camper Vans in manual and automatic modes, including Dacia Decker, KuKu Mama, Land Rover, etc.
  • KuKu Camper Vans are ideal for Off roads as well as easily accessible campsites around the city, including Iceland’s National Parks
  • They offer fuel discount cards,+ free mileage and extra driver, without any charge, with some of their camper vans too
  • KuKu Camper Vans are fully loaded with all the basic needs like a water tank, stove, cooking utensils, cleaning tools, sleeping mattress, etc.
  • They offer CDW insurance included in rental fee with all KuKu camper’s vehicles’ damage of up to 3000 Euros
  • KuKu campers’ cooperative customer services present guidance to the campers, around the clock, to safely travel around the country
  • With Kuku Campers, you can also add up the spice and fun in your camping with a lot of extra services provided by them like BBQ sets, Disposable toilets, Fishing license, and many more

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What distinguish KuKu Campers Iceland

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KuKu campers Iceland’ wide range of camper vehicles and vans, which accommodates seven persons, makes it one of the largest camper vans rental. Their camper van’s vast variety and design make it ideal for off roads camping trips as well. Kuku campers are economical and can easily fit into one’s budget with many camping vehicles and packages. They offer CDW insurance with their vehicles and can be upgraded.

The most important factor that sets KuKu campers Iceland apart from others is that any of their services does not include any hidden cost and all the bills are inclusive of taxes. KuKu campers Iceland’ day and night guidance to the campers is another sigh of relief for the new visitors to Iceland.

Apart from this, they offer personal assistance to any camper who wants more detailed guidance and assistance throughout your camping trip. KuKu Campers Iceland’ highly responsive and supportive staff is another key point that makes them second to none.

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Our thoughts

kuku campers icelandKuKu campers are very friendly, supportive, and professional in their camping business and pick up their customers from the airport with responsibility. Their dealing is very simple and easy to understand, which makes them favorite amongst campers. KuKu campers’ vehicles and all the camping vans, be it small or big, are very well maintained, properly cleaned, and hygienic, keeping in view the health standards.

All the vehicles are cozy and very comfortable. Is also available in economical as well as luxurious packages. KuKu campers have a personality, and their team is very enthusiastic and remarkable. That makes potential customers their regular customers and guides them from their home till the camping trip ends so that no one feels helpless on the inhabitant roads and tourist sites.


Iceland people have a passion for camping as they know that Icelandic beauty is best explored when camping, so they pack their bags every summer and go camping. Icelanders and foreigners have a trend of camping trips in Iceland compared to other excursion trips.

KuKu campers serve best in this regard as they are economical and a high value of the money you put into your holiday plan. Having an experienced and reliable team of skillful guides, KuKu campers are ideal for anyone who is planning a camping trip in Iceland for the first time.

Their variety of Vans also relaxes choosing a camper van and services that best suit your budget and comfortability. Digging through the detailed information on KuKu campers, it can be said that they aim for their customer’s gratifications and agrees on nothing less than that, and this makes them an ideal choice for camping trips in Iceland.

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