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icelandair hotel reykjavik marinaThe location Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Marina is next to the Icelandair HQ and the national airport. This hotel is ideal for those who want to be imperceptibly out of the city, yet close enough to travel. It is also suitable for several natural charms, including the famous Perlan hall (a 12-minute trek or free shuttle van) and the public beach Nautholsvik. The beach has an artificial hot spring (15 minutes walk away).

Cycling and walking tracks swarm, and it’s a 17-minute trek to Hallgrimskirkja and the town square. There are also frequent complimentary shuttle van to and from Harpa every 20 minutes, and town buses depart from over the street (passes available at the airport reception). You can also observe the natural beauty with the calming tone of flowing water which will definitely provide a valuable and captivating experience.

The hotel has a symbolic sea view, deluxe décor, pools observing the country’s legacy, and famous food that makes the visitor believe that time is standing still. All of these completely natural phenomenon makes the Icelandair hotel a top-tier hotel in Reykjavík.

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Amenities of the Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Marina

icelandair hotel reykjavik marinaIcelandair Hotel Reykjavík Marina established in the 1961s and renovated in 2010. The light-flooded area floor is the reception. The restaurant and other accommodation areas, while the Icelandair spa is in the basement. The insignificantly corporate aesthetic is split up by artworks and statues, service of Icelandair’s artwork selection, by famous Icelandic professionals like Kristin Gunnlaugsdottir. 

The Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Marina offers leisure facilities upon the guests’ arrival. They give a minibar that has some of the premium drinks and snacks, a load of water bottles, a safe for you to use if needed and many amenities for the bathroom as well. All this combined with the serene view of the sea makes for an excellent experience for the customer. There is also a 24/7 room service just a phone call away, you also get free wi-fi as well as a parking lot space to park your car. To top it off there are also coffee and tea facilities for the inhabitants of the room


In the Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Marina, there are 215 rooms. They have a double room, queen rooms, king rooms, deluxe suites, and twin suites. The rooms are chic and spacious, equipped with mosaic flooring, fashionable furnishings, and good illustrations. The updated (i.e., more costly) ones have ideas like Art and Nature, which have epic quotes, original artworks from the company’s selection, and Icelandic landscape photos sequentially. Facilities in all rooms incorporate refrigerator and asteroid televisions, and Sóley Organics essentials and baths in the modern bathrooms. The rooms at the hotel are so inspiring that people like to stay here again and again. 


The hotel’s modern Satt Kitchen extends a daily menu enhanced by popular dishes like steaks, burgers, and wood-oven pizzas. They have freshly baked bread available daily from the in-house bakery. They also offer a delightful courtyard for al-fresco dining if the climate is excellent. They also arrange a Sunday brunch table (11.00 am-2:30 pm) with beef foods, smoked fish, soup, cheese platters, and visitors staying in Luxurious suites can enter an entertaining hour with complimentary beverages in a separate room near the eatery.

The connected Satt inn has Icelandtraditional and foreign drinks adjacent to the standard cocktails, rum, and wines, plus exclusive live song. Meals like lunches and refreshments are available on payment from a refrigerator near the reception counter throughout the time.

Breakfast consists of a lavish meal with eggs, pancetta, sausage, loaves of bread and toppings, Icelandic Skyr and yogurt, doughnuts, sauces, and fish meals.


Icelandair spa is the quietest and serene place, scented with beautiful fragrances. This place is assuredly ideal for those who want to ease their soul and body. Every single feature at the spa is cool is just beyond telling. This spa offers the visitors & guests a quality of services, including customized facials with world-famous products, one-day observance, couple massages, protein hair masks, men haircut, women’s manicure and pedicure, and kids services of hair cutting and thalassotherapy compilation.

The Icelandair hotel offers free fitness classes to the guests staying at the suites. The fitness center of the hotel is the top of the range Technogym, which offers robustness technology. The gym is equipped with treadmills, running machines, weights, dumbbells, and famous Zumba classes throughout Iceland. People like to join workout classes under the supervision of Zumba experts.  


If you want a destination wedding in Iceland, the Icelandair Hotel offers you a top-class wedding venue. The hotel is the ultimate site combining the perfect ambiance to make your party more remarkable. The charismatic oratory is restored on the hotel site to make your wedding alluring. The hall can entertain 200 people. So, you can ask all your friends & family to join you at your beautiful wedding celebrations. Icelandair will promise you to make your dreams into reality that you would never forget. If you get the chance to attend a party held at Icelandair Hotel, do not miss that at any cost. 


The Icelandair Hotel provides you with a spectacular chance to conduct your triumphant seminar, research workshop, sales meeting, or gathering. The conference venue has elegantly decorated rooms outfitted with LCD projector, walkie-talkie, amplifiers, CD player, movable stage, LCD board, and film projectors. The meeting rooms can accommodate approximately 500 people. The Icelandair Hotel also provides a menu and refreshment with a vast assortment of popular/Asian food, Mediterranean Menus, and lunch/dinner meals per the request of meeting hosts. 

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Why We Like The Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Marina

icelandair hotel reykjavik marinaThe thing which is commendable and significant for this hotel is the menu and spa. The Spa and Restaurants are famous throughout Iceland due to their services and food.

Moreover, the natural beauty around the hotel is perfect and makes the guests stay for longer. The hotel staff services and, most importantly, the architecture of the hotel attracts the visitor to stay here without any fear. 


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