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Suppose you want to dive into Iceland’s natural beauty and explore the magnificence of the attractive sites and planning to spend your vacation in the country. In that case, camping is an implausible thing to do so. The Icelanders have an obsession for camping, and that is because of the breathtakingly beautiful and exceptional campsites throughout the country.

There are plenty of campgrounds in the country close to many attraction sites and can be explored while camping. There are many options in Iceland for camping, but renting a camper is the ideal way. The country offers plenty of camper rentals in the country, which offers various vehicles depending upon your camping sites and your camping family’s size. GO campers Iceland is one of the campers rentals that can make it easier for you to explore much of the country’s beauty in minimal time, thus making your camping trip much more exciting

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About GO Campers Iceland

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GO Campers Iceland is an incredible Camper van rental outside of Reykjavík. GO Campers Iceland have vast experience in camping and have a team of experts and geniuses that makes possible the existence of a fleet of camper vans from designing to maintenance. Go Campers have designed all of their camper vans, keeping in mind the rough circumstances and harsh weather of Iceland so that tourists will feel safe whatever the weather situation or path is.

Go Campers Iceland offers the best vehicles If you plan to explore the camping sites in Iceland, which have rough paths and roads and are hard to reach. Go Campers Iceland deals in all types of camper vans from two-person van up to 5 people big automatic camper van, with comfortable sleeping space and all the essential things you’ll be needing to cook your meal on the go.

Hiring Camper Vans with Go Campers Iceland can fascinate your eyes and enjoy all the natural beauty, and spend quality time with your friends and family in the great camping sites of Iceland. GO Campers aim to provide the best camper vans with all the necessary things for the tourists at minimal prices.  

Services Offering:

go campers icelandGo Campers Iceland makes sure that you enjoy your camping trip, so they provide up to the mark services to their tourist.

  • Go Campers offers a variety of camper vehicles from Lite affordable Vans which is suitable for two people, to big automatic vans which can accommodate up to 5 person
  • They also offer camper Vans which are suitable for rough and bouncy roads and hard to reach sites
  • They also offer two models of 4×4 camper vans with options of either carrying 2 or 4 people
  • Their services include an extra driver and also a fuel discount card
  • They offer a bike rack, baby seat, and roof storage also.
  • They can also provide you with a sleeping bag and duvet pack, including pillow, covers, and bedsheet
  • They also offer foldable and easy to carry camping chairs and table
  • Their services offered also includes Mobile WiFi router, GPS, speaker, and power inverter and a map of Iceland

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What Sets Go Campers Apart

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GO Campers Iceland are amongst the leading Camp Vans rental service providers in Iceland, and their experience and adeptness in the field make them stand out from others. Go Campers Iceland provide the facility of picking up their customers from the airport, which is highly relaxing and convenient, especially for those who visited Iceland for the first time.

The Go Campers’ Vehicles are suitable for bouncy and coarse roads designed to handle any rough route. All the Go Camper vans are fully fitted out with a heating system to keep you warm and cozy in the chilled weather of Iceland throughout your camping trip.

Another incredible service of GO Campers Iceland that distinguishes them from other Camper Vans Rental is their facility of providing an extra driver with some of their camper vans. They do not charge any additional cost for this service, unlike any of their competitors who charge a handsome amount for this service, ensuring that you can enjoy camping trips within your budget.

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Our Thoughts

go campers icelandAll the tourists who have ever hired any Go Campers Iceland vehicle for camping in Iceland have never gotten into any trouble and difficulties all through the tour and have become their satiate customers. All the GO Camper staff are very sophisticated, cooperative, and maintain all the hygienic standards, especially during these challenging situations of Covid.

Most customers have stated that all the Go Camper’s Vans are well retained, capacious, and reliable. Besides this, these camper vans get thoroughly cleaned and meet all the hygienic standards before handing it over to the tourists to keep their customers healthy and safe. Go Campers are ideal for foreigners as the staff is very cooperative and responsive to all the quires with patience and too swiftly.


Managing a camping trip and traveling around Iceland might be different and challenging for many but Go Campers have made it easy and convenient. After getting to know all the Go Campers’ details and the fantastic services they provide, one can book any camper van from the GO campers and enjoy the camping trip and spend your time close to nature without worrying about any inconvenience on the road trip.

Go campers provide guidance to the tourists around the clock and keep you updated about travel strategies. Go campers are less expensive and budget-friendly and more reliable and unfailing on most camping sites’ harsh roads and rough conditions.

With Go Campers excellent services and guidance, all you would have only left to concern about is the camping sites you want to visit, adventures and escapades you want to do, and the sightseeing of the incredible natural beauty of Iceland, thus giving you full opportunity to have quality time and hence provides the excellent value of your money.

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