Fosshotel Nupar | Best Fosshotel Options In Iceland in 2021

fosshotel nuparIf you want to enjoy nature’s spectacular scenery and beauty, then Fosshotel Nupar is the best option. Your family or friends’ trip will be memorable in this fantastic place. You can enjoy the world’s largest glacier, which is known as Vatnajökull. Lava fields are all around the hotel. There is much nearby attraction where you can visit in few minutes like Jökulsárlón, Skaftafell National Park, Iceland’s otherworldly glacial lagoon and much more.

This Fosshotel Nupar hotel is a 3-star hotel. The rooms are very comfortable with large windows and a modern interior. There is also a small porch attached to the room, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature. There is a total of 99 rooms. The Fosshotel Nupar also has a restaurant where you can enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved ones. You can also enjoy the sunset while having your food surrounded by lava fields.

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Amenities at the Fosshotel Nupar

fosshotel nuparAs it is a three-star hotel, it has the best features in it. At a very reasonable price, you can enjoy your stay in the hotel. There is no elevator as it is a single level hotel. The Fosshotel Nupar provides cribs. Daily housekeeping is provided for you. The room’s interior is modern, which soothes your eyes.


The rooms have a modern interior with all necessities. There are 99 rooms, which are discussed below according to their types.

  1. Double and Twin Room
  2. Superior Double Room
  3. Single Room
  4. Triple Room

Double and Twin Room

In this room maximum of Two people can stay. The room includes a Tv, a coffee and tea maker, and a hairdryer. From the window, you can enjoy the lava fields and the beauty of nature.

Superior Double Room

In a superior double room, only two persons can be accommodated. The room includes a tv, hairdryer, and bathroom. You can have a good view of this room. A coffee and tee maker is also accommodated. The interior is modern, and the room is comfortable.

Single Room

In a single room, only one person is accommodated. This room also includes a tv, hairdryer, and bathroom. You can see the lava field or beautiful glacier from this room. Whenever you need tea or coffee, you can make tea, and the coffee maker is available in the room.

Triple Room

The triple room can accommodate a maximum of three persons. The room has a coffee and tea maker. The hairdryer and washroom are also attached to the room. You can also enjoy music and seasons as the tv is also present in the room. The view from this room is beautiful, as you can see lava fields or glaciers.


The taste of this restaurant is fantastic. They make from fresh ingredients, and tastebuds get activated by their delicious food. The interior of Fosshotel Nupar is eye-catching. The tables are wooden, and the upholstery of the chair is velvet. The windows are large, and you can easily enjoy the beauty of nature. The restaurant is open from 5 pm to 10 pm. The hotel also includes a bar that opens from 4 pm to 12 pm.

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What we like abot Fosshotel Nupar

fosshotel nuparIf you want to relax your mind and live in peaceful and pleasant weather, this hotel in Iceland is the best option. Your family trip will be memorable. If you are with your friends, you will surely enjoy this place.

The parking is free and very safe. The internet’s speed is so fast that you can share your trip photos in just a few seconds. The breakfast is very mouth-watering, but the best part is that it is also free. It is a nonsmoking hotel. Even the rooms are nonsmoking. The cuisines in the restaurant are also delicious and prepared from fresh ingredients. As mountains surround it, you can again go hiking. There is a shared lounge or Tv is present in the room.

You will not feel bored in the hotel as it has all the fantastic features. The Fosshotel Nupar is 3-star hotel and has all the features. The staff is very cooperative. The people in the Fosshotel Nupar hotel, like waiters, can communicate in Icelandic or even in English. So, you don’t have any problem communicating with people. No pets are allowed in the hotel, so you feel very comfortable. The child under the age of 2 years is free.

The environment in the hotel is spotless. The Fosshotel Nupar hotel is appropriately disinfected, and the social distancing is also kept in mind. Breakfast is available from 7 am to 10 am. The best thing about the hotel is the beauty of nature. From the large window of your room, you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

The glaciers look so different that you feel so relaxed, and your mind keeps you fresh all day. By having a cup of tea or coffee in your bed, you feel so comfortable and cozy, and all your tiredness goes away. The prices of the rooms are very reasonable. You can select the room according to your needs. The money spent on the hotel’s rent will not be wasted as the beauty and facilities of a hotel are so superb.

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