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Iceland hosts millions of visitors every year. A significant percentage of these visitors want to explore the country’s beauty through camping, so if you plan for a camping trip in Iceland, you are not unaccompanied in this. Camping in Iceland is one of the most incredible and rational things that one should do to add up in your memories because it would be classic to visit this lovely country on a camping trip.

Camping in Iceland can give travelers an out of the world experience compared to other means of traveling around the country. There are many sites and campgrounds that you can add to your travel list and feast your eyes by visiting black sand beaches, lava fields, waterfalls, and glacier lagoons.

Campers in Iceland can make it possible for you to do camping in any of these sites so that you can stay close to nature and spend your vacation in a peaceful environment to freshen up your mind and relish the trip to the maximum.

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About Campers in Iceland

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Campers in Iceland has been providing camping services to the tourist for more than ten years, and the main target they are aiming for is to be one of the leading Camper vans rental in the country. Being in the field of camping services for over a decade, Campers in Iceland have huge expertise in Icelandic traveling and possess every inch. Corner of all the country’s camping sites and all the details required camping on these sites.

Campers in Iceland offer the best quality services and Camper Vans to their customers in a wide range. They are suitable for the tourists who want to plan to take a route of F-roads to reach inaccessible camping sites, which would not be possible otherwise. Campers in Iceland have partnered with many tourist companies and car rentals to allow their potential customers and tourists to choose the best services at affordable prices.

Campers in Iceland are proficient, dependable, passionate, and highly responsive that they are always ready to provide their tourists all the information they need for camping, be it before booking with them or after booking the camping trip and most of all, they provide continuous guidance throughout the camping trip.


Service Offerings

campers in icelandCampers in Iceland provide top quality services and vehicles to their customers as the main purpose has always been to satisfy the customers.

  • Variety of campervans to choose from for a couple to a family or group of friends up to 7 persons
  • Flexibility to choose either an automatic or manual mode in Camper Vans
  • All the camper vans are installed with the Heating system as well as Air conditioner 
  • Campers in Iceland have six varied models of 4×4 Camper Vans along with KuKu Mama and the stunning Dacia Duster
  • They also offer fuel discount cards with some camper vans
  • Camper in Iceland offer Camper Vans that are fully equipped with all the basic needs like cutlery, cooking utensils, water tank, stove, mattress, etc
  • Some of the camper vans also come with an extra driver
  • The incredible service offered by campers in Iceland is that their staff updates the tourists about the Icelandic roads guidance along with all the Camper vans’ detailed manuals

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What marks Campers in Iceland Apart?

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Campers in Iceland offers high-end Camper Vans with preeminent services and that distinguish them from their competitors. They have a team of humble and helpful staff that is always ready to guide their customers to make their way around the Icelandic roads safe and sound, which is a sigh of relief for the first time visitors to this epic and less inhabitant country.

Another thing that sets them apart from others is the variety of the vehicle they offer to their customers from an affordable and less expensive dual fuel operated Dacia Duster for two persons to a bit costly but luxurious KuKu Mama that is a transformed Mercedez Unimog.

Campers in Iceland also has six 4×4 camper vans in their fleet, a must vehicle for highlands and the somewhat hard to reach camping sites and F-roads. The best part is that they offer these 4×4 Camper vans at reasonable prices that no other camper vans rental service provides, which makes them second to none.

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Our thoughts

campers in icelandCampers in Iceland have maintained goodwill amongst their customers with their high-quality vehicles and highly responsive team. None of their customers has ever come out from their trip unsatisfied with their staff’s services and highly responsive attitude. They have upgraded their customer’s package on their demand at the eleventh hour.

Some of their customers have also been surprised with some upgrades and extra amenities apart from their packages as a sweet gesture. Campers in Iceland have very well maintained, clean, and fully sanitized Camper Vans and vehicles as their customer’s safety is their priority. They offer to pick up from the airport service to their customers, and this service has made relax a lot of the first-time traveler to Iceland. 


Although many camper Vans rental companies in Iceland, choosing the right one can be challenging, especially for foreigners, as dealing and booking any rental service online is difficult. Tourists are more concerned and demand a few complete offers of knowledge and full assistance.

Campers in Iceland have become one of the leading Campervan rentals with their enormous experience and optimum services. With all the in-depth knowledge of Icelandic Camping rules, regulations, and all the routes of Iceland road, be it a busy road or empty or less used roads, Campers in Iceland are ideal, dependable, trustworthy camper Van rental service providers in the country. With their versatile services, campers in Iceland provide the best camping experience and Iceland expedition to you and your family.

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