10 Best Iceland Jacket Options For Wilderness Adventures

Are you prepared for an unforgettable Icelandic adventure? You might be a local to the land of Fire and Ice looking for priceless new experiences. Or maybe you’re like most, travelers who have been enamored by the beauty of Iceland.

Whatever the case, being prepared for the unpredictable weather of Iceland is absolutely vital. Some days a light jacket will take care of your needs. Other days may require a heavy coat. And in most cases it’s not the temperature as much as the wind and moisture.

Winter months in Iceland can drop down to -10 degrees Celsius, or 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Most aren’t used to those temperatures. Adding in wind and rain compounds this.

However, summer temperatures can be even more predicable. In the summer, days can get into the 70’s easily. But the winds can be high, rainstorms can occur at any time, and cold pockets are very common.

Selecting the Perfect Jacket for Iceland

All things considered, one of the most important things you can pack are a couple solid jackets for Iceland adventures. Icelandic climates are some of the most unique on earth. For this reason, a high-quality jacket is a must-have in your packing list. We tested a ton of jackets for this post. In the end, we arrived at some solid choices for both men and women, winter and summer.

The recommendations we have are all linked straight to Amazon. We at Iceland in 8 Days are fans of convenience. With Prime, these jackets will all arrive at your door in two days. With their stellar return policy, it’s free and simple to ship a jacket back if you didn’t fall in love.

When selecting the perfect jacket for Iceland adventures, is one thing crucial to keep in mind. Everybody is different. Everyone’s style and body temperatures and sizes differ. Our suggestions of jackets for Iceland are for women and men. We have owned or worn these jackets in Iceland. However, it’s your choice for what jacket suits your individual needs.

Jackets for Iceland in Winter

Women’s Winter Jackets for Iceland

Many women want to be fashionable but also functional regardless of the season. Regardless, Iceland is not the best location to put fashion over function. Instead, Iceland in winter is a place to focus on warmth and comfort.

When selecting a winter jacket for Iceland, you might need to shell out a few extra dollars and invest in quality. This is especially true if you are used to warmer climates. Iceland isn’t cheap (although it can be), and is definitely not the place to skimp on your wardrobe. We have three wonderful options below.

Columbia Women’s Mighty Lite III Jacket

The Columbia Mighty Lite is a wonderful one-task-fits-all jacket for Icelandic adventures. It can be worn on its own, or as a top layer covering sweaters or thermals.

The Mighty Lite III comes in a wide variety of colors. Enough to suit just about any taste. If you are on the hunt to get some stunning contrast in photographs, we highly recommend going for blues or reds. But we were just as happy as black or white.

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Columbia Women’s Bugaboo Interchange Jacket

Yes, Columbia again. This one is a bit heavier duty than the above. It is a wonderful addition to any Iceland packing list in fall, winter and spring. The jacket comes with a windproof and waterproof top layer. It also comes with an under layer that provides a solid base for warmth.

When the weather is especially cold, we recommend a combination of the base layer for the Bugaboo with the Mighty Lite III for a tip from the pros for comfort. The Columbia Women’s Bugaboo Interchange Jacket is ideal with the base layer zipping into the waterproof layer. This jacket will keep you dry and warm in even the toughest of conditions.

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Columbia Women’s Flurry Run Down Long Omni Jacket

Are you looking to truly invest in a jacket that will last for years and years of wintery adventures? If you want the best of both worlds (fashion and function), look no further than the Flurry Run Down Long Omni by Columbia. This jacket is easily a girl’s best friend in the Icelandic winter.

The Omni is long, long enough to cover legs and hips. It also has a furry hood, perfect for both fashion and additional warmth. However, this comes at a price. It is one of the highest price coats we reviewed. But well worth the expense!

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Men’s Winter Jackets for Iceland

Much like the advice we give to the females above, it is crucial to get a high quality jacket for your Iceland adventures. This goes doubly true in the winter. Here are our suggestions for the best men’s winter jackets for Iceland.

Columbia Men’s Eager Air Interchange 3-in-1 Jacket

The Eager Air Interchange jacket from Columbia is one of the most versatile options we have ever seen. It comes with a base layer and top layer that are both incredibly functional. You can wear the base layer alone, the top shell alone, or both together. Hence the “three-in-one” aspect.

The base layer does a great job at keeping body warmth under control. The top layer is both windproof and waterproof, providing maximum coverage in the dicey situations that can occur, especially along the South Coast. The Eager Air Interchange comes in a variety of color options as well, for plenty of customization.

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Columbia Men’s Frost Fighter Hooded Puffer Jacket

The Frost Fighter hooded jacket from Columbia is an incredible option for Iceland. It will keep all men insanely warm, while remaining affordable. If you are headed towards Iceland, but in winter, and doesn’t own a solid winter coat, this is a wonderful choice.

This winter coat is a solid option both regarding functionality and price. While remaining lower cost than the option above, it remains well functioning and practical in the unpredictable weather patterns of Iceland.

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Jackets for Iceland in Summer

Women’s Summer Jackets for Iceland

Formulating a packing list in the summer in Iceland should not vary much compared to a packing list for winter. In many areas of the country, you will experience similar temperature and climate trends.

While summer in Iceland will be relatively snow-free, the colder temperatures and chilling wind will remain. Additionally, summer brings the possibility for even higher wind speeds and possibly hail. It’s crucial to be prepared. These coats should be waterproof and windproof, but don’t need to be as heavy as comparable winter coats.

Columbia Sportswear Women’s Dotswarm II Fleece Full Zip Jacket

This jacket option for women is affordable and a wonderful option for Iceland. This amounts to the interior part of the double-lined jacket we recommended above for winter time. While not explicitly waterproof, it is a wonderful summer jacket option for Iceland. It’s lower cost ensures you won’t break the bank, either.

This Columbia option holds in heat well, and keeps out wind better than alternative brands. Pound for pound, this jacket provides versatility and functionality. It comes in many different color options as well.

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Columbia Women’s Sleeker Jacket

Are you on the lookout for an awesome windbreaker to complete your Iceland summer packing list? If so, the Sleeker jacket from Columbia is an ideal option. I’ts lightweight, affordable, and is incredibly compact. This jacket can be quickly and easily tossed over a hoodie or long sleeve shirt, and is ideal for layering.

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Men’s Summer Jackets for Iceland

Much like the advice we give to the females above, it is crucial to get a high quality jacket for your Iceland adventures. This goes does not mean just in winter times. Our trip in May was full of extremely windy and cold days, and plenty of rain. Here are our suggestions for the best men’s summer jackets for Iceland.

Columbia Sportswear Men’s Flash Forward Down Jacket

This jacket is popular all over the world. It’s lightweight, affordable, and quite stylish, and comes in a ton of color options. Do you run colder? If so, this is a great option. It is a slim, thinner jacket, but keeps warmth in very well.

Jackets for Iceland need to be warmer and waterproof regardless of the season. This jacket does both, and dollar-per-dollar is an incredible deal.

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Columbia Men’s Glennaker Lake Rain Jacket

This jacket is perfect for men for suppers in Iceland. It is the most solid windbreaker on our list. It is deal for layering over clothes you may already have on. Additionally, it compresses quite small, perfect for rolling up and putting into a backpack when it inevitably gets warmer.

Also, the Glennaker comes in a very wide variety of colors, and is priced for competitiveness against other comparable jackets. Unlike most standard windbreakers at entry level prices, this jacket comes with a hood. This is ideal for staying dry and warm in the windy Icelandic summers.

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Columbia Men’s Steens Mountain Full Zip 2.0 Soft Fleece Jacket

Are you looking for a stronger-than-average fleece jacket? The Steens Mountain is ideal for Iceland in the summer. This is just a men’s version of the women’s fleece above. This is the best summer option for Iceland jackets. It’s tough to go wrong with this one, as it’s perfectly layered with a thin windbreaker or a light winter shell.

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Jackets for Iceland are Tricky

Are you ready to pick out a great Columbia jacket for your upcoming Iceland adventure? If so, remember, the weather in Iceland is highly unpredictable. It’s crucial to make sure that the clothing you bring is adaptable from snow to sleet to sunny to rain.

Be certain to layer. Don’t be scared to purchase different jackets for your Iceland packing list. Remember, Iceland is not much colder than many major cities in the world. New York City is colder in the winter than Iceland! However, the wind makes things seem so much colder. That mixed with the unpredictability changes things.

Bringing appropriate jackets for Iceland adventures will truly provide an experience that will transform from good to great!

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