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North Iceland: Iceland In 8 Days’ Comprehensive Guide

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Of all the amazing travel destinations in the world, North Iceland stands alone as one of the most breathtakingly beautiful and diverse. North Iceland is a land filled with rich culture and striking imagery. You truly won’t be able to find this type of natural splendor anywhere else in the world. In this ultimate guide to North Iceland, we will be …

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Iceland in March: Pros and Cons, What to Expect In Spring

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When planning a trip to Iceland in March, most travelers fall into one of two distinct camps: Those who visit in winter for the best chance to catch the Northern Lights Those who visit in summer to avoid inclement weather and long hours of darkness However, there may be a happy medium for visitors searching for the best of both …


Landmannalaugar Camping: Everything You Need to Know

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As temperatures warm and the calendar page flips to June, Iceland natives and visitors alike descend for Landmannalaugar camping. This is a popular hiking and camping area in the country’s central highlands. Located in the core of the Fjallbak Nature Reserve, Landmannalaugar is known for its colorful mountains, steaming hot springs and varied vegetation. Is an overnight trip—or even a day hike—to …

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Game of Thrones Iceland Locations: 11 Amazing Filming Spots

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The varied, majestic landscape of Iceland has made it a popular destination for filmmakers. They flock to Iceland looking for backdrops of thundering waterfalls, lush forests and towering glaciers. Most recently, the cinematographers behind the smash HBO drama Game of Thrones have raised the nation’s profile. They have also boosted its tourism numbers by selecting Iceland to represent life Beyond …


Skogafoss: Visiting One Of The Worlds Most Unique Waterfalls

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Skogafoss is one of the most highly-trafficked waterfalls in all of Iceland. Visible from the Ring Road when traveling the South Coast, Skogafoss is often one of the most common images used to conjure the beauty of Iceland, second only to the iconic Kirkjufell shot. A short walk from the Ring Road and parking area bring you to a cavernous …


The Westfjords: Iceland In 8 Days’ Comprehensive Guide

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The Westfjords of Iceland is where the urban growth and tourist presence of Southwest Iceland (Reykjavik, the Keflavik Airport, etc) come to a grinding halt. Here, the landscapes mimic the quiet and natural beauty found in East Iceland. Eerily silent and rarely sought after by travelers, the Westfjords has plenty to offer those who visit. The Northwestern peninsula of Iceland …

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10 Best Iceland Jacket Options For Wilderness Adventures

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Are you prepared for an unforgettable Icelandic adventure? You might be a local to the land of Fire and Ice looking for priceless new experiences. Or maybe you’re like most, travelers who have been enamored by the beauty of Iceland. Whatever the case, being prepared for the unpredictable weather of Iceland is absolutely vital. Some days a light jacket will …

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Fjallsárlón vs Jökulsárlón: Comparing the Glacier Lagoons

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No trip to Iceland is complete without a visit to one of the country’s pristine glacier lagoons. Thanks to the majestic Vatnajökull glacier, southern Iceland is home to two popular and picturesque lagoons: Fjallsarlon and Jökulsárlón. Each lagoon is worthy of a visit. However, if your time is limited, the following comparison may help you decide which destination to include …

The 10 Best Akureyri Restaurants: Iceland In 8 Days’ Picks

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There are plenty of delicious restaurants to check out in Akureyri. From brunch cafés to dinner diners, it’s not hard to find a top-notch place to dine at. Take a look at some of the best restaurants in Akureyri, Iceland, according to travelers. Berlin Akureyri In the Akureyri City Center sits Berlin Akureyri, a cozy coffee café. This café is …

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South Iceland: 12 Amazing Experiences On The Southern Coast

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Iceland is a magnificent land full of natural beauty and wonder. The island is quickly becoming a popular destination for those seeking to explore scenery that can only be described as “other-worldly”. Along the southern coastline of Iceland are many inspirational views that will take your breath away. They will give you a true sense of the word “awesome”. Be …