why is iceland so expensive

Why is Iceland So Expensive? 6 Reasons and How to Save

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Over the past decade, the popularity of Iceland as a tourist destination has surged. This is for a variety of reasons. Most commonly noted, it provides incredible natural sceneries with unique, rugged terrain. This terrain includes volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, and glimpses of the elusive Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. Iceland’s location on the Earth also ensures its status as a …

iceland on a budget

Iceland On A Budget: 10 Saving Tips When Traveling Iceland

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Iceland is notorious for being a pricey travel destination. However, if you plan ahead and make careful spending choices, you can enjoy your trip without breaking the bank. Read on for 10 travel tips and hacks to save you money on your upcoming Icelandic adventure. These tips will truly allow you to visit Iceland on a budget. Book Flights Well …