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Iceland Nudity: Everything About Getting Naked in Iceland

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The following is a guest post from local Icelander Bergljót Eiríksdóttir. Ah, Iceland. Is it really as icy as the name implies? Are those stories about forced nudity in pool showers true? Can I casually walk down the street to a pool shirtless, only to then dip inside completely naked? Those would be a triple ‘not quite’, but also an …

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Iceland Drone Laws: Taking Flight – The Land of Fire And Ice

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Evidence of drone technology can be dated as far back as 1849. Here, unmanned balloons were used by the Australian military to drop explosives on enemy territory. Drone technology has continued to expand into modern military technology. Most recently, it has met with the recreational market. Now people in the general public can purchase a drone. They can be used …

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Game of Thrones Iceland Locations: 11 Amazing Filming Spots

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The varied, majestic landscape of Iceland has made it a popular destination for filmmakers. They flock to Iceland looking for backdrops of thundering waterfalls, lush forests and towering glaciers. Most recently, the cinematographers behind the smash HBO drama Game of Thrones have raised the nation’s profile. They have also boosted its tourism numbers by selecting Iceland to represent life Beyond …

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10 Best Iceland Jacket Options For Wilderness Adventures

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Are you prepared for an unforgettable Icelandic adventure? You might be a local to the land of Fire and Ice looking for priceless new experiences. Or maybe you’re like most, travelers who have been enamored by the beauty of Iceland. Whatever the case, being prepared for the unpredictable weather of Iceland is absolutely vital. Some days a light jacket will …

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6 Common Iceland Issues And Vacation Planning Mistakes

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As you’re planning your Icelandic vacation, there are some common missteps you’ll want to avoid. This will help your Iceland planning, and assist you in making the most of your time there. Read on to learn what not to do when visiting this unique island nation. Iceland Planning Mistake 1: Failing to Consider the Season Many of Iceland’s most popular …