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Iceland Tours: Our Top 10 Choices – Best Tours in Iceland

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Traveling out of the country can be difficult to plan for. You have to do loads of research and plan for something you are unfamiliar with. How will you get around there? Where do you stay? What do you do once you get there? Are there any cheap Iceland tours for you to see? By now you most likely have …

Iceland Tours: Our Top 10 Choices – Best Tours in Iceland

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Despite the nation’s modest size and small population, Iceland offers a staggering number of breathtaking natural wonders and unforgettable experiences. If planning your Icelandic vacation feels a bit overwhelming, or you simply want to make sure you don’t miss a thing, a guided tour may be the solution. Read on for a complete rundown of the ten best Iceland tours. …

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South Iceland: 12 Amazing Experiences On The Southern Coast

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Iceland is a magnificent land full of natural beauty and wonder. The island is quickly becoming a popular destination for those seeking to explore scenery that can only be described as “other-worldly”. Along the southern coastline of Iceland are many inspirational views that will take your breath away. They will give you a true sense of the word “awesome”. Be …

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Reykjavik Northern Lights Viewing Areas: Our Best Locations

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Reykjavik is Iceland’s capital and very close to its only international airport. As such, Reykjavik is a popular destination for visitors to Iceland. About half of the country’s roughly 300,000 citizens live in this metropolitan area. You’ll find plenty of options for entertainment here as a result. These options range from world-class restaurants and vibrant nightlife to impressive architecture and …

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The Internet’s Only Guide to Iceland Statues and Sculptures

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Iceland, with its centuries-old history and breathtaking scenery, has one of the most fascinating cultural landscapes in the world. With a now bustling tourism industry, many people are now realizing that Iceland is an absolute must-see. While Iceland is a natural wonder in and of itself, those who travel to this remote place will discover that there are wonders other …

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10 Things to Do in Akureyri: North Iceland’s Bustling Town

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When planning a visit to Iceland, many tourists focus primarily on the capital city of Reykjavik, which makes sense—it’s a 40-minute drive from the nation’s only international airport and its most populated city, with the requisite number of hotels, restaurants, pubs, museums and other cultural attractions. However, visitors with more than a few days to spend in-country should consider a …

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Diving Iceland’s Silfra Fissure: Our Comprehensive Guide

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With 70% of the planet submerged, you’d need to dive into it to genuinely observe what the world brings to the table. Getting scuba training can make you fixated on heading out to the best dive destinations around the globe. The Silfra Fissure in Iceland is a standout amongst the most fantastic dive destinations you will ever experience! It can …

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Northern Lights in Iceland: Best Locations in Each Region

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If you’ve always dreamed of seeing the dancing colors of the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, the skies over Iceland may offer the best views on the planet. This island nation located on the Arctic Circle’s southern edge, offers dozens of locations where you’re likely to catch this dazzling light show. Its modest population of only about 350,000 keeps light …


Reynisdrangar: A Good Look at South Iceland’s Natural Wonder

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Beautiful Iceland. The raw natural splendor of this country is guaranteed to take your breath away. Majestic waterfalls, tumultuous volcanoes, craggy rocks, intimidating glaciers, lava tubes, kind people, delicious food and more. How can so much natural diversity be contained on such a small island? The unpronounceable locations may make you chuckle, but after visiting some of these sights, you’ll …

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4 Free Things to Do in Reykjavik: Seeing Iceland on a Budget

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Reykjavik is the national capital of Iceland. It is located in the southwestern part of the country, over a peninsula offering some of the best views on Earth and some of the most incredible natural wonders known to man. Geographically speaking, the city is considered the most westerly capital in the European Union and the Northernmost capital city in the …