Why is Iceland So Expensive? 6 Reasons and How to Save

Over the past decade, the popularity of Iceland as a tourist destination has surged. This is for a variety of reasons. Most commonly noted, it provides incredible natural sceneries with unique, rugged terrain. This terrain includes volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, and glimpses of the elusive Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. Iceland’s location on the Earth also […]

Iceland in June: Managing Expectations and Adventure

June marks the start of peak travel season in Iceland, when the days are at their longest and the weather is at its mildest. You’ll enjoy seasonal events like music festivals and “midnight sun” celebrations, but you may also battle heavy crowds and unpredictable temperatures. The following guide will prepare you for what to expect […]

Iceland Tours: Our Top 10

Despite the nation’s modest size and small population, Iceland offers a staggering number of breathtaking natural wonders and unforgettable experiences. If planning your Icelandic vacation feels a bit overwhelming, or you simply want to make sure you don’t miss a thing, a guided tour may be the solution. Read on for a complete rundown of […]

Hiking Reykjadalur Hot Springs

Most trips to Iceland begin and end in Reykjavik, the capital city and home to the nation’s only international airport. However, far fewer travelers make it to one of the country’s hidden gems less than an hour’s drive east of the capital. The Reykjadalur valley (“steam valley”) is home to picturesque views and rolling trails. […]

Hengifoss, The Often Overlooked Waterfall

Hengifoss is one of the tallest and most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. Translated as Hanging Falls, it is a fan favorite, and a phenomenal sight to visit. Hengifoss is a majestic waterfall with falls that plummet 118 meters into a beautiful river chasm. There is a beautiful plateau with deep red stripes behind Hengifoss, a […]

Drones in Iceland: A Guide to Taking Flight

Evidence of drone technology can be dated as far back as 1849. Here, unmanned balloons were used by the Australian military to drop explosives on enemy territory. Drone technology has continued to expand into modern military technology. Most recently, it has met with the recreational market. Now people in the general public can purchase a […]

The Ultimate Guide To North Iceland

Of all the amazing travel destinations in the world, North Iceland stands alone as one of the most breathtakingly beautiful and diverse. North Iceland is a land filled with rich culture and striking imagery. You truly won’t be able to find this type of natural splendor anywhere else in the world. In this ultimate guide […]

Iceland in March: What to Expect

When planning a trip to Iceland in March, most travelers fall into one of two distinct camps: Those who visit in winter for the best chance to catch the Northern Lights Those who visit in summer to avoid inclement weather and long hours of darkness However, there may be a happy medium for visitors searching […]

Game of Thrones Iceland Locations: 11 Amazing Filming Spots

The varied, majestic landscape of Iceland has made it a popular destination for filmmakers. They flock to Iceland looking for backdrops of thundering waterfalls, lush forests and towering glaciers. Most recently, the cinematographers behind the smash HBO drama Game of Thrones have raised the nation’s profile. They have also boosted its tourism numbers by selecting […]

Skogafoss: Visiting One Of The Worlds Most Unique Waterfalls

Skogafoss is one of the most highly-trafficked waterfalls in all of Iceland. Visible from the Ring Road when traveling the South Coast, Skogafoss is often one of the most common images used to conjure the beauty of Iceland, second only to the iconic Kirkjufell shot. A short walk from the Ring Road and parking area […]