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Iceland is home to many beautiful and eye-catching sites that fascinate millions of tourists to visit the country every year. Anyone who has ever wanted to see the beautiful sceneries and landscapes depicted in fantasy novels coming into life, Iceland is the country you must visit.

The mesmerizing view of volcanic sand adds up to the beauty of Iceland. Seeing all the Icelandic beauty and cherishing all the attractive sites in a short holiday trip would only be perfect if you plan to travel around the country by yourself. Campervanning is the best option instead of guided tours.

Traveling around Iceland in a camper van allows you to feast your eyes on nature, inspiring views, and the stunning Iceland environment. There are plenty of Camper vans rental services around the country that can assist you in planning your camping trip around the country, but Campervan Reykjavik is one of the leading camper vans rental services.

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About Campervan Reykjavik

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Campervan Reykjavik has been operating in the travel and tourism business since 2008. It is registered with the Icelandic tourist board, making them along with the leading camper vans rental service providers. They have a huge army of Camping Vans and vehicles. Almost all of these are new and of high quality that can easily handle Iceland’s rough and tough roads and the vicious weather conditions and Icelandic environment.

Campervan Reykjavikoffer deluxe motor homes for camping as well, and these motor homes are perfect for longer and extensive camping trips. Reykjavik resides locally in the country and knows about all the less famous and hard to reach beautiful tourists site and all the famous attractions. They can even guide you about locally-held events that might be worth seeing.

Campervan Reykjavik has a robust and compassionate team and their enormous experience and extensive knowledge of tourist attraction sites of their home country. Campervan Reykjavik have made a long list of customers worldwide and built a strong and everlasting relationship with their customers. Camper Reykjavik has earned goodwill amongst the tourists with their policy of holding up to their customers.

Services offered by Campervan Reykjavik

campervan reykjavikCamper Reykjavik has a lot of top of the mark services to offer to their customers as their aim has always been to retain their customer

  • Camper Reykjavik has a variety of Camper vans from jeep to motorhomes, both in manual and automatic mode
  • They have a policy of free CDW, SCDW, GP, and TP insurance for all of their camper vans
  • All the vehicles are fully equipped with all the camping accessories like a pillow, cooking utensils, sleeping bags, stove, etc.
  • Camper Reykjavik offers camper vans with unlimited mileage and dual fuel for better fuel efficiency, and with some camper vans, they also provide a fuel discount card
  • Camper Reykjavik has a strict no hidden cost policy with all of their packages
  • Camper Reykjavik offers around the clock support to their customer and responds to emails within no time
  • They offer some extra services with their camping package like baby seat, extra driver, Inverter, GPs, and WiFi and can be updated

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What sets Camper Reykjavik Apart?

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Camper Reykjavik is one of the finest and experienced camper vans rental services in Iceland. They have various vehicles, and all of these are the latest models, unlike their competitors, so these would not trouble you on the rough and tricky paths. With all these new models vehicles, one might think that hiring Camper Van from Camper Reyjkavik would be expensive.

Surprisingly, they are much economical and fit everyone’s budget with a massive range of vehicles to choose from other tourist companies in Iceland. Another service that makes them distinguished from others is that they provide a couple of insurance policies with their camper vans to keep you relaxed and unstressed on your camping trip.

These different insurance policies cover accidental damages, dents and scratches, robbery protection, and all of these in one package, too, so that you travel around with maximum peace of mind. With all of these and many other high-end services, Camper Reykjavik has become one of the top camper vanning service provider.

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Our Thoughts

campervan reykjavikCustomer satisfaction and contentment have always been the foremost priority of Camper Reykjavik, and they have made their way through this business with a lot of happy customers. Campervan Reykjavik have always been there for their customer’s support and respond to all their inquiries with patience from booking to arriving in Iceland until their departure and quickly responding to emails.

Camper Reykjavik’s staff guides you through your camper van and share all the important and much-needed information regarding camping and traveling in Iceland. All of Camper Reykjavik vehicles are very well maintained and clean with all the basic equipment you need for camping and can arrange any additional service you need during your trip.

All the campers are hygienic, comfortable, fit for camping trips, and fitted with an air conditioner as well as a heating system to keep you cozy and warm during chilled nights in Iceland.


Millions of tourists, especially campers, get attracted to Iceland because it is famous for its camping trip. These camper vanning explorations of the country introduce you to a whole new world of natural beauty, stunning views, and are full of adventures. Camping trips in Iceland cannot be planned without any Camper rental services, and Camper Reykjavik is the best amongst all others.

Being well informed about Campervan Reykjavik, we can state that they provide maximum peace of mind and around the clock support to their customers. Campervan Reykjavik campers are the most suitable for F-roads and any other campsite, be it volcanic sand or beaches.

Campervanan Reykjavik is highly responsive, concerned about their customers, and supportive, making them reliable and trustworthy. Campervan Reykjavik provides outclass services that make them the best choice for Icelandic camping trips.

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