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East Iceland: Iceland In 8 Days’ Comprehensive Guide

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The following is a guest post on East Iceland by Iceland in 8 Days contributor Kayla Sheffield. Unlike the urban Western region of Iceland, East Iceland thrives on scenic views and local fisheries. The area, better known for its Icelandic name “Austurland,” is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls and landscapes in all of Iceland. It is studded …

iceland in september

Iceland in September: The Ultimate Fall Travel Guide

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The amount of hype that has surrounded Iceland travel has left me completely engrossed in the landscape, culture, and attitude of the country. Iceland is a fascinating place with gorgeous scenery, diverse activities, and a uniquely hospitable culture. For these reasons and many more, I made the decision to travel to Iceland. After much deliberation, I discovered that, for my …

snaefellsnes peninsula

The Stunning And Often Overlooked Snaefellsnes Peninsula

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Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s cold, stunning beauty is unparalleled. Large mountain ranges rise out of the snow and black rocks of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. A large pocket of magma lies beneath Iceland. Around 70 million years ago, this island rose up out of the sea in a great volcanic eruption. Since then …


Exploring Iceland 101: Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellsfoss

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Iceland is becoming increasingly popular among tourists from all over the world; both those who have already visited it and those who are planning a trip to Iceland must have Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellsfoss on their list. In fact, it’s hard to imagine going to Iceland and not visiting these two unique tourist attractions. If you haven’t heard of Kirkjufell and …

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Iceland On A Budget: 10 Saving Tips When Traveling Iceland

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Iceland is notorious for being a pricey travel destination. However, if you plan ahead and make careful spending choices, you can enjoy your trip without breaking the bank. Read on for 10 travel tips and hacks to save you money on your upcoming Icelandic adventure. These tips will truly allow you to visit Iceland on a budget. Book Flights Well …

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6 Common Iceland Issues And Vacation Planning Mistakes

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As you’re planning your Icelandic vacation, there are some common missteps you’ll want to avoid. This will help your Iceland planning, and assist you in making the most of your time there. Read on to learn what not to do when visiting this unique island nation. Iceland Planning Mistake 1: Failing to Consider the Season Many of Iceland’s most popular …

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Driving in Iceland Etiquette: What To Do, What Not To Do

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Despite its relatively small population of about 330,000, Iceland’s geography is comparatively vast—larger than Portugal and just slightly smaller than England. With breathtaking scenery and popular attractions scattered across every corner of the island, renting a car is almost a necessity for visitors hoping to see it all. However, driving in Iceland has its own quirks and peculiarities, so be …

iceland in december

Iceland in December: Pros and Cons, What to Expect In Winter

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With its breathtaking views, countless adventures, and popular attractions, Iceland is a highly sought after vacation destination. Iceland in December, though, is a completely different story in many ways. The weather in December in Iceland covers the island with pristine blues and whites. December in Iceland is a unique month, offering many festivals, activities, and attractions to explore. What’s more, …


What to Eat in Iceland: Sampling Iceland’s Unique Cuisine

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If you’re an adventurous eater, Iceland is an ideal place to broaden your culinary horizons. If you’re questioning what to eat in Iceland, let this guide lead the way. As you might expect, the typical Icelandic diet is heavy on seafood and lamb, since both are available in abundance in the country’s harsh North Atlantic climate. However, Iceland is also …

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Reykjavik Northern Lights Viewing Areas: Our Best Locations

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Reykjavik is Iceland’s capital and very close to its only international airport. As such, Reykjavik is a popular destination for visitors to Iceland. About half of the country’s roughly 300,000 citizens live in this metropolitan area. You’ll find plenty of options for entertainment here as a result. These options range from world-class restaurants and vibrant nightlife to impressive architecture and …