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Iceland Tours: Our Top 10 Choices – Best Tours in Iceland

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Traveling out of the country can be difficult to plan for. You have to do loads of research and plan for something you are unfamiliar with. How will you get around there? Where do you stay? What do you do once you get there? Are there any cheap Iceland tours for you to see? By now you most likely have …

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Why is Iceland So Expensive? 6 Reasons and How to Save

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Over the past decade, the popularity of Iceland as a tourist destination has surged. This is for a variety of reasons. Most commonly noted, it provides incredible natural sceneries with unique, rugged terrain. This terrain includes volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, and glimpses of the elusive Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. Iceland’s location on the Earth also ensures its status as a …

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Iceland Nudity: Everything About Getting Naked in Iceland

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The following is a guest post from local Icelander Bergljót Eiríksdóttir. Ah, Iceland. Is it really as icy as the name implies? Are those stories about forced nudity in pool showers true? Can I casually walk down the street to a pool shirtless, only to then dip inside completely naked? Those would be a triple ‘not quite’, but also an …

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10 Best Hostels in Reykjavik: Our Research And Selections

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Enchantment awaits you as you plan your visit to the fascinating country of Iceland. On the tightest of budgets, you can still meet charming locals and view breathtaking sights in and around the capital. Not only is Reykjavík a five-hour flight from New York City, it is surrounded by natural beauty that is unimaginable unless you visit. Pack your backpack, …

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Locating the Best Iceland Camper Rental: 8 Great Choices

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Iceland is one of the most unique places on Earth, and we believe that everyone should see it at least once in their lives. For those of you that have wanted to see an environment straight out of a fantasy novel, then Iceland has you covered with its combination of volcanic sand and idyllic hot springs. If you want to …

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Cool As Can Be: Iceland In 8 Days’ Best Iceland Glaciers

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Are you planning a trip to Iceland at some point soon? If so, you likely have heard plenty about the stunning landscape of the country. The countless Iceland glaciers are a big piece of that, setting the location for many tourist destinations and feeding some of the most beautiful waterfalls on earth. More about Iceland Glaciers It has been estimated …

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8 Best Hotels in Reykjavik: Our Research and Selections

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In the midst of a recent boom in tourism, new hotels are popping up all over Reykjavik. Additionally, many established hotels are adding capacity to help meet demand. As you consider where to stay during your next quick layover or extended vacation, the eight hotels below represent the best lodging in Iceland’s capital city. These are the best hotels in …

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Myvatn Nature Baths – Northern Europe’s Natural Spa

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As such,Note: All images in this article about the Myvatn Nature Baths are from their official Instagram account.  Iceland is well known for it’s cold, freezing temperatures, unforgiving climate, and a wealth of polar flora and fauna. This area, especially the North, is a volcanically and geologically hyperactive region. As such, it is home to a boundless amount of geological …


Grimsey Island: Iceland In 8 Days’ Comprehensive Guide

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Grimsey is Iceland’s northernmost island, located 41km north off the coast of the mainland. It’s best known for its location on the Arctic Circle, which cuts across the midpoint of the island. In the warmer parts of the year, the population consists of about 100 residents. During the winter months, the number of people who stay on the island is …


The 10 Best Iceland Waterfalls: Some Will Surprise You!

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Iceland is home to many of the world’s most beautiful and powerful waterfalls. With so many brilliant falls spread out along the country, many travelers may find it difficult to know where to begin. If you only have so much time to explore the island, how does one choose which falls to visit? How do you get to these Iceland …