Apótek Hotel

Sharing the same city block as its sister property the Hotel Borg, Apotek Hotel is situated directly in front of the public square Austurvollur. Take a stroll through the popular park and visit the statue of Jon Sigurdsson, locally known as president Jon forseti, as he was a key figure in establishing Iceland’s independence. Surrounding the public square are the government buildings, the Althingi Parliament house, and the Reykjavik Cathedral, Domkirkjan. This common ground is a popular gathering place for political discussions, demonstrations, protests, and a focal place for the people to address their government.

The building Apotek resides in was built in 1917 and designed by famous Icelandic designer Gudjon Samuelsson. The same designer that created the iconic Reykjavik landmark church, Hallgrinkirkja. Though the building has housed various purposed over the years, the original occupant was the Reykjavik Apothecary and the name Apotek has stayed with this property through the years. Today’s modern and art nouveau style hotel is not exception. The Apotek Hotel embraces the history of its classic architecture.

Inside the Apoktek Hotel, you will revel in the beauty of a freshly renovated hotel presenting you the finest in modern amenities while celebrating the style of the past. The light color scheme opens up the room while dark accents compliment the classical style of the hotel. Soft grey walls, glistening white trim, and parquet wood floors extend the external class of design indoors and continues to impress with the clean lines and fresh appearance.

Standard Single and Double rooms offer a comfortable stay in a luxurious room. All rooms in the hotel come with the usual room fare such as large televisions, and wifi but also include Nespresso machines, minibar, and in-room bluetooth speakers. The Superior and Deluxe rooms will give you some extra space to stretch out during your stay and really enjoy the room. Junior suites are a grand upgrade to your accommodations and well worth the upgrade if you plan on staying and enjoying the space. The unique three floor tower suite will give you more than enough room as you enjoy your stay in luxury and style.

Keeping with the apothecary theme, the Apotek Restaurant and Bar is modeled with classic yet subtle pharmacy images. Shadowboxed bottles of various shapes and sizes, the bartenders are called pharmacists, and the recipe menu is labeled “Prescriptions”. The pharmacist bartenders mix up cocktails from various classes of drinks, “Tranquilizers, Painkillers, Stimulants” and of course, the non-alcoholic menu is labeled “Placebos”. Dinner and lunch menus offer a wide variety of Icelandic dishes that will send you away from the table filled with joy and full of a further appreciation of Icelandic foods.

The online community are in agreement that Apotek Hotel is perfectly located, employs quality staff, and clean appearance. If there was any regular complaint in the reviews it was that the Apotek Restaurant and Bar is a popular spot and that it is often open and lively late into the night. Of course, the option of having a lively nightspot available to you down a few flights of stairs and not across town may not be a problem for some people at all.